G4 Owners Club

Urgent help required


By Boybandreject83 - 21 Jun 2016

Good morning
I have owned my G4 Disco 3 for just under a year and was looking forward to a 3 week drive around Europe - which starts on the -2th July
Sadly some low life decided it would be fun to pour paint stripper over the bonnet and grill
The damage is not pretty.
I have it booked in to a friends body shop but desperately want/need to replace the bonnet stickers
Can anyone suggest or advise where I may obtain these.
I need the main bonnet sticker and the side www. Stickers
Thank you
By camelrock - 21 Jun 2016

It sickens me to the core to see this sort of thing, my heart goes out to you, hope you can get it sorted, good luck...
By Secretary - 21 Jun 2016

Hi Chris,
Sorry to hear your news and see this mindless vandalism.
As a club we do not have the 2008/9 bonnet sticker in stock as they are being remanufactured for us but will not be available in time for your trip.
You may wish to contact the former Treasurer marcoG4 as he seems to have some in stock.