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G4 Replica Freelander for sale Ex LRO one R125HBW


By nick paxton - 18 Aug 2020

After 5 years of ownership my son now lives and works in central London with no parking so its up for sale.
Paintwork/Lacquer poor
Complete with most extras including Sump guards etc.
Been used for camping, carrying kayaks, towing boats , festivals you name it- its not a show pony!
Has a set of proper Goodyear tyres quite worn and dated 2002 so probably for show only now.
Interior was upgraded before us to mostly half leather facelift look
Headlining sagging.
Mechanically pretty sound- done lots of long journeys
Head was fully serviced in 2018 along with timing belt and waterpump and reinforcement in sump.
Been regularly serviced
Clutch done in our ownership
If you look at Mot history 2 things -mileage discrepancy before we owned it AND since Mot inner outer and the hidden inner section of both sills has been done + various other bits on outriggers.
Any questions please message nicholas.paxton@myfwi.co.uk