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For Sale G4 D3 2008


By Sam - 5 May 2021

Hello everyone, up for a very sale is my much loved G4 D3. Please see the Ebay link for details: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384136403843?hash=item5970505b83:g:LzgAAOSwsZdgkAAh

Thank you

By Patrick - 1 Jun 2021


Just to save anyone else on this one a fiver, this sadly was a CAT D in 2016. It's done 100k miles since then and Sam has looked after it well. I've chatted with him and this was supposed to be in the advert posted above and apparently involved side airbags etc so likely side collision on vehicle.

Fingers crossed it goes to a good home and stays in the club but it's not for me, I'll keep an eye out on the forum for the next one that comes up (looking for one to lightly restore).